Things are heating up.. but not really

With spring supposedly around the corner, although we seem to constantly be waiting here in Oregon, bass fishing is just starting to heat up on the local lakes. While we don’t have to deal with ice outs here on the west coast, I certainly have not spent as much time on the water as I’m used to this winter. Last tuesday was the first time I took out my boat and headed down to Cottage Grove Lake, twenty minutes south of Eugene, OR. After a smooth launch, with the ramp just barely in the water, my roommates Nick “Hookset” Doring and Jonathan “Yonny” Weiland, and I headed out amongst the floating debris caused by the raising water. We launched late, just past four o’clock, after rushing to the lake with my roommate getting out of work around three. After running the boat up and down the lake we settled down on the trusty rock wall, and put a couple fish in the boat with the drop shot; a yearly ritual. As my friend jokes, “Wall. Dropshot. Repeat” The OBT will have its first tournament of the year at Cottage Grove Lake on April 9th.

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