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Top Christmas Gifts for the Serious Fisherman

Top Christmas Gifts for the Serious Fisherman

I’ll be the first one to admit, buying Christmas presents stresses me out every year. Not in a monetary sense, but in trying to find gifts my friends and relatives will actually enjoy and find use for. I tend to over-think ideas until it’s Christmas Eve, and then I panic.  If everyone I bought presents for fished however, I would be grinning from ear to ear. In my perfect world, here’s my no brainer recommendations your fishing family are sure to love.

The Simms ProDry Gore-Tex Bib

These bibs aren’t cheap. There’s no denying that. But they’re worth it. If you live to fish, odds are you’re going to end up fishing in the rain, snow and howling wind. Bass fisherman learn to read the weather, knowing how it will affect the fish and what baits will be most effective. With the mind always on the fish, one of the most overlooked necessities is proper rain gear. If your uncomfortable, sopping wet, and your mind starts wandering off into cozy dreams of dry clothes and a cup of hot coffee, you’re likely not fishing at your best. The Simms bibs not only keep you dry, but are full of small details that keep you fishing at your best. They are extremely flexible, allowing for full movement without the shoulder straps slipping off and pants riding up. Side vents allow for airflow into the bibs, and allows one to simply unzip a section of the pants if the temperature picks up, rather then putting one’s rod down and taking them off entirely. Taking them off is quite simple however as they zip down to the bottom cuff and unsnap, easily allowing shoes to fit through. I went on a 4-5 mile hike in these just yesterday, foraging for mushrooms. Not only did they keep me dry through pouring rain, they were extremely durable, as I wiggled my way through endless trees and branches reaching out to poke me.


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