Fern Ridge, OR

Fellow OBT members Cody Herman, Carter Troughton and I went fishing on Fern Ridge reservoir just west of Eugene, Oregon yesterday. It was the first time bass fishing for us on the reservoir and one of the first of many trips on my new boat. We were forewarned about low water levels and prevalent stumps throughout the lake, but man was it intense! We focused on two northern arms, with creek beds running through them. When we could not find a creek bed to idle through we were running in as shallow as two feet of water. Without a GPS unit, we found the best way to find the creek beds, was to pull up a map of the lake on my iPhone, which clearly showed the creek beds due to a satellite image of the lake when it was at its lowest. By doing so we were able to find a deep water channel running 12-13 feet deep. After four hours of no fish, we focused on a wind blown stretch of rip rap just off the deep channel. In eight minutes, we had three bites on spinnerbaits, landing three fish for a total of 14lbs. We assumed we had found our pattern and tried similar areas throughout the day, but with no success. We learned a lot about the lake, and plan to fish the Fern Ridge Open, on April 24th.

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4 Responses to “Fern Ridge, OR”

  • stavros says:

    Nice fish reed! How big is the one on the left? Looks like a 7!

  • rfrazier says:

    Scale was having issues, I’m guessing 6.4oz. We had one more a little bigger then the one on the right, but we didn’t put her in the well. Well fed fish.

  • stavros says:

    Is the OU vs OSU at the grove canceled?

  • rfrazier says:

    It appears OSU has backed out due to lack of boats… but we’re hoping to just do a tournament within the club like we’ve done in the past. I’ll get the emails of everyone who signed up and let them know.

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