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2010 October

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Flash from the Past- FLW College Fishing Nationals

My partner Ross Richards and I participated in the inaugural FLW College Fishing National Championship back in April of 2010 on Fort Loudon lake in Tennessee.

Look back at 2009 College Fishing

Here’s an old video of my first year fishing FLW College Fishing during the inaugural season. The picture isn’t great! Learned a lot these past two years and am looking forward to what 2011 brings.

GoPro Head Camera test

Recently purchased the GoPro camera, and went out fishing for dinks at Cottage Grove Lake just south of Eugene, OR. Here’s a short clip of one of the 35-40 dinks my roomate Nick Doring and I pulled in. I might think twice next time I swing a rattletrap fish in the boat, the lure popped off and barely missed my head by an inch!

FLW College Fishing Western Regionals Reflection

The FLW College Fishing Western Regionals, concluded on Saturday with the hometown team of Sacramento State winning the three day event on Lake Folsom. This was the second year in a row my partner Ross Richards and I qualified and fished the regional tournament. We ended up in 13th place after the second day, after a very dissapointing and humbling day on the water. Going into the tournament we certainly knew it was going to be tough, as Folsom definitely carries a reputation for throwing even the best anglers into fits. After a solid prefish day and a good start on day one, we quickly learned why so many have nothing but bad words for Folsom lake. We stuck to our spots, marked active fish, bait balls and carried out our previous succesfull strategies from the first two days, on top of downsizing our line from 8lb to 6lb, only to not get a single bite the entire day. While we couldn’t come up with any real reason for why the bite shut off for us, besides that being the nature of Folsom, we learned after that it’s necessary to come into any tournament at Folsom with 20-30 spots in mind. Lack of preperation definitely hurt us in this one, as I was the only one able to prefish before the tournament, and only so for one day. Overall I came away with more confidence in using the graph and fishing and identifying deep water humps. FLW and National Guard has provided us with a great opportunity the last couple years, and for that I thank them. I also want to thank all the volunteer observors for a great time out on the water, specially Gary Jones for breaking out the Oregon football shirt, as well as my brother for keeping everyone following my site updated during the tournament. Congrats to all the Western National Championship qualifiers, I hope you guys do us proud out on Kentucky Lake! Next up for myself and the OBT, is a civil war tournament vs Oregon State on Saturday the 23rd on the Willamette River out of Newberg.

For results, photos and more information on the tournament, see FLW College Fishing

FLW Regionals Day Two Takeoff

Here are a couple of pics before the takeoff on day 2. Look for Reed in the pics.

Sunrise: 7:09 a.m.
Temperature at takeoff: 49 degrees
Expected high temperature: 78 degrees
Wind: From the west-southwest at 6 mph
Humidity: 55 percent
Day’s outlook: Mostly sunny

Day 1 of Regionals – Sitting in 7th

Reed and his partner Ross are currently in 7th after day one. They need to break into the top 5 after tomorrow to continue to Saturday and to get into the National Championships for the second year in a row. Right now they have 8 lbs 14 ounces and it looks like they will need at least 10 lbs tomorrow to get it done! I think they can do it! I am also pulling for Nick and Cody who are currently sitting in 10th with 6 lbs 15 ounces. They are not out of it whatsoever!

Here is a pic of Reed at the weigh in today.

Regionals Weigh In

FLW College Fishing Western Regionals- Prefish

Today was the official prefish day for the FLW College Fishing Western Regionals. Ross and I traveled down with teammates Cody Herman and Nick Doring, and woke up early Wednesday morning, making our way from Sacramento to Folsom Lake. Prefish went well for both teams, as we were able to establish solids patterns during the morning and afternoon. We have high hopes for tomorrow, and are looking forward to grinding it out the next few days. Lots of pictures, video and news to come!

Salmon Fishing on the Siletz River, OR

On Friday I had the chance to go salmon fishing for the first time in a long while. Fellow OBT members/regional qualifiers Nick Doring and Cody Herman accompanied me, as we hit the water at first light with Oregon guide Brandon “Ricky Bobby” Glass, of Team Hookup Guide Service, a good friend of Cody’s. It was his first day back on the Siletz, using it to prefish for upcoming clients. Fishing bobbers the entire day, we were able to land one chinook, dropping two more at the boat, all in all a very solid day and from the sound of it better than many locals were having on the water. It was my first time bobber fishing for salmon, and staring at the bobber, waiting for it to get sucked down was definitely one intense way of fishing! Brandon’s boat was awesome, 25 feet of pure fishing machine, equipped with a Humminbird 1197 SI unit, giving us something to stare at as we ran up and down the river. We couldn’t help but talk about our upcoming FLW College Fishing Regional tournament throughout the day, which will start Thursday. As my roomate Nick drove us home, I nodded off, waking up as I dreamt of a bobber-down, only to make the hookset motion in real life. The hookset dreams seem to be getting worse and worse as regionals closes in, even poking myself in the eye as I dreamt of hooking into a giant Delta bass. Soon it will be time for the real thing!