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FLW College Fishing Delta, 5th Place

FLW brought College Fishing back to the Delta for the third time on Saturday June 12th. My partner Ross Richards and I had qualified for regionals with a fourth place finish last may, as well as for the first FLW College Fishing National Championship with a fourth place finish in last September’s regionals. Once again, my partner and I managed to qualify for the regionals with a fifth place finish on the Delta this last weekend. We weighed in 8lbs 1oz, to secure an eleven ounce lead over sixth place and qualify. While those certainly aren’t weights you would expect out of the Delta, menacing winds made fishing almost impossible. We were able to use this to our advantage focusing out efforts on a wind blown rock wall which was stacked with bait fish. Our goal for this season is to make it back to Nationals and we will now start preparing for regionals. The last FLW College Fishing western qualifying event will be held on September 25th, on Lake Roosevelt in Arizona. As I am already qualified I am planning to fish the FLW Series as a Co-Angler. Here are some videos and pictures of the weigh in.

Fifth Place

iRod preview with Matt Newman and OBT member Cody Herman

Check out some of the models from the new iRod line of rods, designed by pros such as Matt Newman, Fred Roumbanis, Greg Bolivar, Bub Tush and more. These rods will hit the market in the next few months and will be available at many online retailers. Enjoy the sneak peak, and look for them in stores soon!

Summer’s Here

Today it stopped raining for the first time in two weeks in Eugene, Oregon… I’m still hesitant but I think it’s safe to say summer is here. I will be finishing my third year at the University of Oregon tomorrow, and am looking forward to spending my first summer in Eugene. Over the past three years, I have learned a lot about bass fishing, both on and off the water, and am still uncovering secrets of the local lakes. I plan to fish as many tournaments as I can this summer as a boater on Oregon’s lakes as well as traveling for tournaments in California, focusing on the ABA circuits as well as local club tournaments. It will be my first year fishing tournaments as a boater, although on the college circuit we have complete control of the boats without actually owning them. It has been a crazy six months of fishing, traveling to fish Tennessee multiple times, fishing the gin clear waters of Lake Mead and the frigid waters of Shasta.

My third showdown on the Delta as part of the FLW College Fishing series is this Saturday, June 12th. Last year, on May 30th, my partner Ross Richards and I placed 4th earning $3,000 qualifying us for the Regionals on the Delta in September. We placed 4th once again in the Regionals, earning $8,000 and a trip to the FLW College Fishing National Championships. We are not qualified for the regionals after the first two qualifiers, where a top 5 is required. We hope to change that this weekend and feel confident in our chances. Having a body of water we have fished before, and had decent success on is definitely a confidence booster and somewhat abnormal for us after our first two years of the college series, as most of the lakes we visit are for the very first time.