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2010 January

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Just Another Day

I can’t seem to go more then a week without fishing. With school taking up the majority of my days during the week, if I have a window of time, I go. Yesterday I went to check out Fern Ridge reservoir with another member of the OBT, Cody. During the winter it always seems to be hit or miss on the water levels, and yesterday, we missed. When we got to the lake it was extremely low, with the whole marina out of the water and the docks on solid mud.

With water temperatures of mid 40’s, six inches of visibility and four to five feet or water, we knew the odds of catching a fish were not in our favor. Being the tackle junkies that we are, we were already changing our lures after 10 minutes of fishing. After multiple lure changes, owning up to the fact that we were not fishing ideal conditions, and would be extremely lucky to get even one bite, we both tied on topwaters. Yesterday was just about having a good time, talking about past tournaments, big fish and laughing at the absurd tactics of fishing topwaters in extremely muddy water during an Oregon winter.