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2009 October

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Check out the 2009 FLW College Regionals! I finished 4th

The Versus production of the FLW College Western Regionals.

Second Oregon Civil War Tournament

On October 9th, Oregon State hosted the second Civil War tournament. In April University of Oregon came out victorious with a 60lb limit to Oregon State’s 28lb Limit, on Cottage Grove lake, just south of Eugene, Oregon. In the second tournament, myself and three others UO members drove up to Oregon State’s home waters on the Willamette River, out of Newberg. Each school had two members bringing in full limits, while everyone caught fish. Oregon State brought in a winning weight of 39.57 lbs to our 33.30 lbs.

Willamette River Smallies

My two biggest smallies, rounding out my 10.91 limit